The End Of Depfile

As you know, Depfile is dead and all the links posted on LoliBay have become unusable. We have no control over it, so we apologize all the Depfile premium and faithful users who trust in LoliBay. For this reason, we have decided to replace all the links with a great alternative. File.Al. We will continue posting the same quality models as before.

If you have any questions, you can comment here.

LoliBay staff

20 thoughts on “The End Of Depfile

      1. Anybody there please tell me where can I the files from bd-magazine?are there back up of those Lolita’s files?Ukrainian,L’s models,Russian and do on…?

  1. Still why do u have 9mb file in 3 to 6 parts its the end of even looking here unless you smarten up!!!! It’ not called for & to top it off it’s bloody annoying. As for they are not that great why not zippy or your going with some thing you own part of.

  2. Question for someone who hopefully knows. So click on the setxx.rar and it goes to , click on free download, wait 60sec type in CAPTCHA, then click the download link, which downloads a php file. What do I do with that?

  3. pitty for what happend to depfile it was great I take bomb just buy it 3 month after 4 days it show down
    depfile was give huge of files all of porno

    just asking where these files will be some days it come in new web
    my files fuck it up

  4. So why of all places use File.Al? Why not DL.Free, or Zippyshare, or Solidfiles, or any of those hosters?

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